Green Hydrogen

A Clear Way Forward

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Our Vision

We see an Indigenous and community-owned green hydrogen economy for the future of fuel in British Columbia. We are a values-driven company, and our mission is to transform how fuel is produced by developing Indigenous-owned green hydrogen production and fueling centers. We center the values of Truth, Family, Health, and Culture in each project.

We develop projects that support community sovereignty and self-determination and respect human interconnectedness with nature. We are deeply committed to developing business opportunities based on mutual respect, cooperation, and, perhaps most importantly, mutual benefit.

Green Hydrogen will Decarbonize Heavy Duty Transport in B.C.

Salish Elements envisions a landmark Hydrogen Highway built in partnership with Indigenous peoples on their traditional lands. This Hydrogen Highway would supply fueling stations with only green hydrogen from water and the cleanest available electricity.

This hydrogen network will service the industrial heavy-duty transportation corridor—one of the highest polluting sectors in British Columbia—as well as fossil fuel-reliant communities. The supply of hydrogen would flow in a distributed supply chain. Hydrogen would be produced, stored short-term, and shipped daily to fueling stations in trucks powered by fuel cells.

Prince Rupert Hydrogen Fuelling Station

Coming Soon

Prince George Hydrogen Fuelling Station

Announcement expected Summer 2024

First green hydrogen production facility

MOU signed, feasibility and consultation process ongoing

Announcement expected Summer 2024

Prince Rupert Hydrogen
Fuelling Station
Prince George Hydrogen
Fuelling Station
Cache Creek Hydrogen
Fuelling Station
Lillooet Green
Hydrogen Production
Hydrogen Fuelling Station

An Indigenous Green
Hydrogen Highway

Making our Landmark Vision a Reality


The Salish Elements team is growing. The company’s latest hire is James Delorme, former Chief of Klahoose First Nation and former President of Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation. Delorme is serving as VP of Community Development at Salish Elements.

Prior to accepting his role with Salish Elements, Delorme as Chief of Klahoose was a key negotiator and lead involving run-of-river infrastructure major projects, including the Jimmie Creek hydroelectric project in the territories of the Klahoose First Nation.

Resources –
Water, Land, Power

Engineering & Development

Green Hydrogen Production & Manufacturing

Fueling Stations Distribution

Hydrogen End Use Solutions

Conscious Customer

A Vertically Integrated Green Hydrogen Company

Salish Elements offers a comprehensive hydrogen package, including a low-cost, reliable green hydrogen supply across British Columbia and a wide-ranging fueling network. We also provide solutions for energy delivery via green hydrogen and work closely with companies providing end-use technologies to facilitate the transition from diesel to renewable energy sources.

A movement with

Our Values


We aim to operate from the core of our integrity and use the tools we have to create a more honest world than the one we inherited.


Our projects enhance the ability for families to stay connected and close together by creating economic opportunities right at home.


Each project ensures development impacts are limited and the community sees environmental and economic benefits with respect to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.


We foster community ownership and work to incorporate the local traditions, culture, values and needs into each project.

Development Approach

Salish Elements constructs a “hydrogen business table” to unite First Nations, government, technology providers, and other stakeholders in the development of hydrogen projects. We envision revolutionizing fuel production through Indigenous-owned green hydrogen production and distribution centres.


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