James Delorme joins Salish Elements as VP of Community Development

The Salish Elements team is growing. The company’s latest hire is James Delorme, former Chief of Klahoose First Nation and former President of Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation. Delorme is serving as VP of Community Development at Salish Elements. Prior to accepting his role with Salish Elements, Delorme as Chief of Klahoose was a key negotiator and lead involving run-of-river infrastructure major projects, including the Jimmie Creek hydroelectric project in the territories of the Klahoose First Nation.

This experience caught the attention of the Salish Elements founders, Rueben George and Omar Kassem, looking for a new joiner to assist in current and future community development initiatives. James has expressed his excitement about the potential for Indigenous communities in the green economy.

Rueben George and James Delorme

“The legacy of green energy projects not only brings greater capacity for fulfilling the goals of addressing sustainable energy needs but also aligns with the Indigenous lens to full capacity for economic growth,” Delorme said. “I am very proud to be serving the Salish Elements leadership, First Nation partners, government partners and others in green energy spaces. Keeping our Ancestors’ teachings in our work helps to support our goals and successes in the best way.”

George and Kassem are confident that his experience and leadership will benefit not only the company, but all First Nations partners and stakeholders in Salish Elements’ projects.